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Innovate your business with Blockchain technology.

From shipping to tourism, healthcare to land registry, blockchain with its tenets of decentralization is building a trusted platform across and industries.

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Harness the power of blockchain technology

We keep innovating ways to harness the power of blockchain technology to facilitate the growth and the success of our partners and customers.

Pundi X 365 in Cyprus has the mandate to function as a business development entity for blockchain solutions and works closely together with Pundi X which has physical offices globally and specifically in Jakarta, São Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Singapore and Taipei. Our company has over 100 full time staff, half of them are R&D focused.

Our Solutions For The

Shipping Industry

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the shipping industry at large. By facilitating quick processing and real-time updates in the exchange of multiple documents between various parties, blockchain is cutting down bureaucracy common in the maritime industry, moving world trade faster, smoother.

With the exchange of information becoming instant, and tasks that used to be accomplished manually are now being automated, there is greater accuracy with blockchain technology making processing and documentation faster and reducing expenses, procedural delays and data entry errors.

Moreover, any fraudulent activities and documentary manipulations are prevented since all the information is encrypted and cannot be altered.

Finally, it gives transparency to the market since the information that is stored on the blockchain can be accessed by participants that have the required access key without the need of any intermediaries.


Our Solutions For

Healthcare and Insurance

Today, patient records can be lost or tampered if they are stored in a centralized service provider. In some situations, whole historical medical records go missing during transfer to another country or a different hospital, requiring patients to redo all the tests and verification. Moreover, there is the trouble of identifying patients. As many as half of the patient records are mismatched when data is transferred between healthcare systems.

Blockchain technology is securing patients’ unique records and medical histories on the blockchain so that hospitals and doctors can be more responsive in providing the appropriate medical attention to patients.

Apart from providing a secure way of exchanging medical records, blockchain technology can prevent fraud such as false claims, with insurance companies gaining a transparent and correct record of the patient’s condition.

Our Solutions For The

Loyalty Programs

Blockchain is enhancing loyalty programs to the benefit of both brands and consumers.

Right now, with many brands having their own initiatives, loyalty programs are under-maximized, low-impact, even complicated for consumers with their sparse fragmented points spread over ten different shops and unable to reach targets and thresholds, the unused rewards points eventually expire.

With blockchain technology, a number of many different companies can collaborate and be involved in the transaction with blockchain providing a fair, open and trusted platform. Customers collect the universal loyalty points into a one single wallet which they can then redeem at all the partner companies.

Adding a loyalty program on the blockchain will enable loyalty points holders to exchange or transfer different loyalty points to earn enough of a certain company's points and claim the rewards.


Our Solutions For The

Tourism Industry

Currently hotels pay high commission rates to online travel agents; fees that can be eliminated to the greater benefit of hotels and their guests.

Blockchain technology is further allowing hotels to easily implement loyalty programs for customers who book directly through their official channels. Guests are rewarded with blockchain-based tokens that they can then redeem at the hotel or any other hotel partner.

Blockchain can also provide a decentralized payment system to enable secure and traceable payments to reduce transaction costs when booking flights and hotel tickets. Furthermore, using cryptocurrencies as a payment method eliminates the need for third party (Visa, Mastercard etc) payment gateways.

Finally, blockchain technology promises to reduce the time for customer identification at immigration in the airports as well as reduce check-in times or queues.

Our Solutions For

Land Management

Land Registries have always involved a lot of intermediaries to uphold trust in the system. The existing solutions in place are simply out-of-date. To begin with, tracking who owns which pieces of property is challenging when you have thousands of land records to maintain.

It is quite common to encounter discrepancies in the paperwork that include counterfeit titles, forged documents or a complete loss of the record. Such situations lead to expensive court battles between conflicted parties.

The transparent nature of blockchain can make it possible to easily and accurately trace how property changes hands. Blockchain’s immutable, auditable and traceable features are compelling governments around the world to implement the decentralized technology in the land registry process.


Our Solutions For

Identity Management

The lack of interoperability among governments and international financial institutions has resulted in increased processing times and costs for identity verification. Without a valid form of Identity Card, one can’t own property, vote, receive government services, open a bank account, or find full-time employment.

All this data, such as ID or passport number, driving license are stored in centralized servers and databases. This also leads to one major issue, the personal data breach.

Blockchain provides solutions not only to having identity data stored in a decentralized database but also to keeping identity data protected and traceable through cryptography on a trustless platform so that the identity data is interoperable and can be used among governments and financial institutions for cross-border identity verification. Each ID (contract number) is unique and able to accumulate trackable records to avoid identity data theft.



Blockchain is enabling and opening up entirely new opportunities. At Pundi X 365 we can help you implement blockchain technology to drive the transformation of your organization.

Bring trust and transparency to sectors such as public services, healthcare and insurance, global trade, online payments, retail, shipping, tourism and much more.

Form alliances, partnerships, and connect leaders from every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem. Our goal is to bring the right combination of capabilities to your unique infrastructure, products, and services.

Payment Solution


The XPOS ® is the world’s first blockchain-based point-of-sale device. It provides instant in-store transaction of digital currency, including topping up and payment transaction. With the XPOS ®, both merchant and consumer are able to use digital assets with ease.

Support Multiple Cross-Chain Digital Currencies

The XPOS ® is digital currency-neutral, so you can transact with your favorite coins or tokens like BTC, ETH, BNB, DAI, NPXS, XEM, and more.

Work Easily With XPASS Card & XWallet App

Use NFC-enabled card for digital currency beginners. Top it up with your preferred digital currencies and pay with ease. You can also pair your XPASS card onto the XWallet mobile app and use it with the XPOS ®.

Top Up Digital Currency With Ease

In addition to making payments, customers can acquire digital currencies like Bitcoin from the XPOS ® with ease. The experience is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.

On-chain Payment for All Private Wallets

In addition to paying via XWallet and XPASS card, XPOS ® can accept digital assets, such as ETH and BNB via the customers’ private wallet.


The customers will see the rate of the selected digital currency on XPOS ® device. Once the rate is confirmed, they can tap the card and complete the transaction. XPOS ® will print out the receipt for both customers and the store owners.

Instant Transactions

XPOS ® transactions happen instantly at less than 0.5 seconds. No delays. Just pay and go.

Stable Coin Settlement without Volatility

To avoid any volatility risk, merchants will receive their settlement in stable currency (or Fiat in partnership with their distribution partners).

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